Join VSO

Welcome to Join VSO,We have posted our opening and recruitment details on the websites of 104 HR bank and 1111 HR bank. Click the links below for more information!

People orientation is the core value of VSO. We provide the friendliest working environment, comprehensive employee training, and a fair promotion system to ensure sustainable career planning for our employees. Join us and create your future at VSO!

VSO Values

Employees are the most important asset of the company. We create a people-oriented working environment where the employees are treated with respect and dignity. We would like the employees to care for themselves and their families before serving the company. We strive for profits and share that with employees and shareholders, creating a virtuous cycle for the company and accelerating company growth sustainably.

Salary/Bonus/Welfare System
  1. Annual Salary with 13th-Month Guarantee.
  2. Non-recurring Bonuses such as Labor Day Vouchers, Festivals Bonuses (or equivalent gifts), and Administrative Bonuses.
  3. Salary adjustments based on company performance and individual achievements.
  4. Allocation of employee dividends (bonuses) in accordance with regulations.
  5. Employee stock ownership plan, inviting employees to become shareholders of VSO.
  6. Employee travel events with subsidies based on years of service.
  7. Allowances for marriage, childbirth, hospitalization, condolence, and birthday gifts.
  8. Monthly birthday celebrations, occasional afternoon teas, snack cabinets, yoga classes, subsidies for employee clubs, and other benefits.

* All bonuses, salaries, and benefits are administered in accordance with company regulations.