Energy Management

In 2021, VSO established the factory energy management system equipped with nine smart meters, allowing real-time monitoring of 70% of the factory's power consumption.
The system provides real-time energy consumption trend charts, including trends of zone energy consumption, off-peak periods, departmental energy consumption, and more, in order to supervise and control the electricity usage of various departments and equipment.

Energy-saving Facilities
  1. In 2022, VSO replaced high-power-consuming air compressors, with variable frequency air compressors, saving the annual electricity of 78,624 kWh.
  2. Air conditioning replacement: Gradually replace old direct current air conditions in dormitories and workshops with Level 1 energy-efficient variable frequency air conditions.
  3. Other facilities: High-energy-consuming equipment such as drying machines have been equipped with time-delay switches and intelligent switches; Set specific conditions and temperature limits for central air condition systems.