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What’s iSMART?
Wire harness and Cable assembly refer to components and accessories used for connecting electronic signals, optical signals, and power supplies. They provide communication channels for various types of signals or power transmission between electronic systems and other devices, and are essential components in various application devices. Products are used in computers, personal consumer electronics, servers and data storage systems, telecommunication equipment, wireless RF antennas, industrial control and automation equipment, semiconductor and automation equipment, medical instruments, automotive and IoT systems, energy systems, home appliances, transportation, aerospace applications, and more.

VSO continuously improves its research and development technology for various types of connector assemblies, while accumulating nearly 30 years of professional manufacturing experience. VSO combines resources from its group, and its product applications are to target on six major markets, including Industrial, Server&Storage, Medical, Automotive, Renewable Energy, and Telecom, which we call iSMART.