VSO possesses nearly 30 years of experience in the wire harness and cable assembly business. From 2022, VSO is targeting six major industries - iSMART, which are industrial, server & storage, medical, automotive, renewable energy, and telecom. VSO’s goal is to satisfy customers through the best products with the most efficient service.

    VSO’s Core Competence:
  • Raw cable manufacturing capacity and expertise.
  • Flexible sales strategy conforming to the market trend - iSMART.
  • Diversified product categories with sustained R&D resources.
  • High production efficiency, quality, and flexibility - High-Mix Low-Volume.
  • Professional engineering and sales team.
  • Global manufacturing.

The company aspires to be an outstanding, centuries-old enterprise honored with international influence by reaching the highest excellence in technologies to connect a better quality of life for human beings.

Industrial and IoT products are normally used in harsh environments. It requires a longer period of operation time and higher reliability. VSO has devoted itself to industrial areas for many years, and we create customer value by providing the best customized designs and solutions based on the product application environment. VSO iFactory launched in 2015. With automated equipment and online systematic management, we optimize production yield, efficiency, quality, and cost control. Our products cover a wide range of embedded systems, POS and kiosk systems, industrial 4.0, automation & semiconductor devices, intelligent logistics systems, and intelligent transport systems, etc. Now VSO’s expertise has been qualified by world-leading companies in the IPC and industrial market.
To keep abreast of the market trend, servers need to possess stronger computing ability and larger storage space to serve a large number of users at the same time. With 5G and network technology development, cables for Netcom equipment are more emphasis on high-speed, high-frequency, and low-latency performance. VSO possesses solid experience and technologies in the application of cloud servers, data centers, and liquid cooling solutions. We are provided with one-stop services with in-house cable manufacturing, assembly, and quality assurance with TDR and VNA equipment to ensure products with stability and efficiency.
Material selection and quality control are the most critical requirements for medical products. VSO is certified ISO 13485 with class 10K clean room to strictly manage product quality and reliability. Moreover, VSO can fulfill customers with High-Mix-Low-Volume demands, to provide customers with more flexibility in product development. Our products cover a wide range of medical equipment, surgical equipment, patient monitor, imaging, etc. We will continue to develop reliable and quality solutions for the healthcare and medical devices industries.
VSO provides a wide variety of products applied to various applications within vehicles, such as Infotainment Systems, Camera / GPS / Navigation Systems, Radiator / Sensor, Battery Systems, Brake Systems, EV Charging Systems, AEB Control Systems, etc. Due to stringent quality control with IATF 16949 certification, VSO provides high-performance, reliable, safe, and stable solutions for automotive connectivity systems.

Since global warming and climate change become more and more critical and the awareness of environmental protection has risen, Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction have become a global trend. Energy reduction, energy development, energy storage, and intelligent system integration are the four main goals for renewable energy development. VSO’s products apply to a wide range of solar power, wind power, power storage systems, battery management systems, etc. With more renewable and low-carbon energy options showing up in the market, VSO will continue to develop green energy products to co-contribute the sustainable development of our planet with our clients.

The unique characteristics of 5G technology which supports ultra-high speed (eMBB - enhanced Mobile Broadband), low latency (URLLC - Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications), and massive machine type communications (MMTC) empower a wide spectrum of applications, such as self-driving car, telemedicine, industrial automation, Digital Content Industry, Smart City, etc. 5G will drive digital transformation across multiple industries, and change the way we live and work.
VSO has an experienced R&D team and wireless test chamber, with extensive experience in RF solutions, Wi-Fi 6E, LTE, and Sub-6 wireless solutions. Now we are focusing on cable solutions for low-earth-orbit satellites. VSO is devoted to becoming your partner from small components to whole solutions.