Friendly Working Environment

Employee salary and benefits

Salary/Bonus/Welfare System

To attract and retain suitable talent, VSO offers competitive compensation packages to entice outstanding individuals to join our workforce. VSO's salary standards adhere to international regulations and exceed local policies. Importantly, there would be absolutely no differentiation based on factors such as gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, or nationality. Each team member's compensation is determined based on their previous experience, professional expertise, job performance, and future potential. Furthermore, various bonuses are provided based on the company's annual performance and individual contributions to motivate and retain exceptional talent.

  1. Annual Salary with 13th-Month Guarantee.
  2. Non-recurring Bonuses such as Labor Day Vouchers and Festivals Bonuses (or equivalent gifts).
  3. Salary adjustments are based on company performance and individual achievements.
  4. Allocation of employee dividends (bonuses) in accordance with regulations.
  5. Employee stock ownership plan, inviting employees to become shareholders of VSO.
  6. Employee travel events with subsidies based on years of service.
  7. Allowances for marriage, childbirth, hospitalization, condolence, and birthday gifts.
  8. Monthly birthday celebrations, occasional afternoon teas, snack cabinets, yoga classes, subsidies for employee clubs, and other benefits.

※ All bonuses, salaries, and benefits are administered in accordance with company regulations.

Insurance System

Employees are enrolled in insurance coverage from the first day of employment, providing comprehensive protection for peace of mind.

  1. National Health Insurance.
  2. Labor Insurance.
  3. Group Accident Insurance.
Employee Retirement System

VSO in compliance with the "Labor Standards Act" and the "Labor Retirement Pension Act," contributes to the New Pension System. Each month, 6% of an employee's salary is withheld and deposited into the personal retirement account established by the Bureau of Labor Insurance. For those voluntarily contributing to the retirement fund, deductions are made according to the voluntary contribution rate from the employee's monthly salary and remitted to the personal retirement fund account of the Bureau of Labor Insurance.

Talent Attraction and Retention

In alignment with our operation strategies and employee career development, VSO employs various channels to recruit outstanding talents. The channels include job banks, employment service centers, employee referrals, and campus collaborations. Furthermore, we uphold human rights and equal values, ensuring there is no discrimination based on gender, race, age, political inclination, marital status, or family background. We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds to foster innovative thinking and diversified growth within our workforce.

Through training programs, welfare systems, and competitive compensation packages, VSO promotes continuous self-improvement among employees to make contributions to their personal career development. For newcomers, peer sharing and advocacy help adapt to the overall company environment while supervisors and HR specialists assist with assessing employees' adaptation. In the event of an employee's resignation, HR conducts exit interviews to understand the key factors behind retention and attrition and takes measures to enhance retention rates.

Regarding the compensation system, VSO established a regular review process to ensure the retention of exceptional talents and maintain our employees' compensation at competitive levels in the market. In terms of talent management, we are progressively establishing an educational and training system, offering core management competency courses and essential professional skill courses for employees at all levels, to expand employees' vision and enhance Executives’ knowledge and skills in management. We aim to establish a common management language, that forms the cornerstone of our commitment to sustainable operations.

Human Capital Development

Exceptional talent constitutes the cornerstone of VSO's sustained progress. Given our industry's need for various talents and our diverse product range, we not only recruit externally for professionals across different domains but also invest in training our existing employees to meet the demands of our growing business.

The strategy of talent development at VSO can be divided into internal training and external training assistance programs. Regarding internal training, we are proactively planning the system of "VSO Academy" and "Personal Learning Account," and a various range of courses covering corporate culture and general knowledge, advanced professional expertise, team communication, and emotional well-being. We will persistently devise and execute relevant programs tailored to employees' job roles, competencies, career levels, and potential, all aligned with their career development stages.

Our external training assistance program, on the other hand, encourages employees to engage in external courses and workshops. On an annual basis, we allocate a portion of our budget to subsidize their training expenses. This approach aids in attracting, training, and retaining talents who are not only willing to experiment but also embody an altruistic spirit.

Furthermore, we offer opportunities for diversified cross-training and rotational promotions, not only encouraging employees to explore their potential but also contributing to the development of the company.

Employee Rights Protection

Employee Relations

To establish a harmonious relationship between the company and its employees, VSO sets up a two-way communication channel to listen to employees' concerns. Through regular departmental communication meetings and a strictly confidential employee complaint channel, we create a comprehensive platform that ensures unrestricted, transparent, and real-time communication between the company and employees, safeguarding the legitimate rights of every staff.

Prevention of Workplace Harassment

VSO strictly prohibits all forms of workplace harassment and has established the Sexual Harassment Prevention and Disciplinary Action Policy, as well as a hotline and an email address for reporting harassment cases, to protect complainants' information and rights. VSO conducts regular harassment prevention training for employees, considering it a part of general education. Additionally, we've formed a Sexual Harassment Committee. In 2022, there were no reported cases of sexual harassment in Taiwan, and no such cases occurred overseas.

Employee Complaints Channel

The company has set up employee complaint hotlines and email addresses based on the needs of our overseas locations. All employees are encouraged to provide feedback or suggestions through these channels. In 2022, no complaints were received in Taiwan.

Protection of Employment Rights

To ensure employee rights, VSO establishes all policies based on compliance with legal regulations as fundamental principles:

-Legal Employment

VSO strictly adheres to the provisions of every labor law, refusing to employ child labor under the age of 15 and prohibiting those under 18 from performing hazardous work. Any changes to employment conditions are carried out following legal notification procedures.

-Fair Performance Assessment System

VSO develops a performance management system aimed at enhancing individual and overall organizational performance. It emphasizes two-way communication and employee development planning, using a fair and reasonable evaluation process for all employees as the basis of new hires, promotions, salary adjustments, employee compensation, and training needs.

In cases where employees are found to be unsuitable for their roles, VSO provides counseling or assistance in transferring to suitable departments or related companies. If a suitable fit cannot be achieved, the company, in compliance with relevant legal regulations, provides adequate notice periods and severance pay, along with legally required documents to assist in applying for unemployment benefits or vocational training subsidies, ensuring that employees' work rights are protected.

-Performance Evaluation for New Employees

Before the probationary period for new employees concludes, executives should conduct performance interviews and assessments. If employees do not pass the performance assessment, the company may terminate the employment contract following legal regulations or, with mutual agreement, extend the probationary period for a duration not exceeding the original trial period.