Ethical Management

"Integrity" is the core value and ethic of VSO. It has been the fundamental philosophy upheld for the past 30 years. VSO revised the " Ethical Management Code” and “Procedures and Guidelines for Ethical Management" for the internal audit team to formulate relevant audit plans based on assessments of dishonest behavior risks, and supervise the execution to ensure the prevention of dishonest conduct.

Furthermore, an Ethical Management Team should be established, reporting directly to the Board of Directors. The team would be responsible for executing the procedures and guidelines, regularly reviewing the effectiveness of their implementation, and continuously making improvements. They will also be required to report to the Board of Directors at least once a year, ensuring the policy of integrity management is consistently upheld.

Behaviors that need to be prevented include:

  1. Bribery and kickbacks.
  2. Illegal political donations.
  3. Improper charitable donations or sponsorships.
  4. Offering or accepting unreasonable gifts, entertainment, or other undue advantages.
  5. Infringement of trade secrets, trademarks, patents, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights.
  6. Engaging in unfair competition practices.
  7. Directly or indirectly harming the rights, health, and safety of consumers or other stakeholders during the research, procurement, manufacturing, provision, or sale of products and services.