Human Rights


Responsibility Survey

The growth of the company relies on the contributions of its employees. To enhance this growth momentum, VSO adheres to international human rights standards and treats all staff with dignity and respect. VSO has established an internal "Human Rights Policy" that commits to ensuring a safe and respectful working environment, prohibiting any form of discrimination, and providing the environment for open expression of opinions, as well as respecting the freedom of employees to assemble and associate.

VSO places a strong emphasis on matching talent with the right roles and treats all applicants equally, regardless of their race, gender, age, religion, nationality, or political stance. Through a fair and transparent selection process, employees are recruited, and in compliance with government regulations, personal information is protected, and employment discrimination is prevented. All employees are recruited through a fair and transparent selection process, as well as in compliance with government regulations to protect personal information and prevent employment discrimination.

VSO and all its management understand that compliance with international labor standards and the protection of labor rights are fundamental requirements for a responsible company. The company pledges to adhere to national labor laws and regulations, labor standards recognized internationally, and other applicable international conventions while continuously improving working conditions and employee welfare.

Social responsibility management is an integral part of the company's daily operations, as fulfilling social responsibilities is a necessary condition for providing excellent products to meet customer needs. The company appoints senior executives to oversee social responsibility management and establish, implement, and maintain a robust social responsibility management system.

Risk and Major Issues

Child Labor Prohibition Policy

VSO's Human Rights Policy explicitly prohibits the employment of child labor. Both our Taiwan headquarters and overseas branches conduct thorough age verification during the recruitment process to ensure that there is no employment of child labor at any of our operational locations.

No Forced Labor

VSO's Human Rights Policy strictly prohibits any form of forced labor, including human trafficking, coercion, and slavery, which are all involuntary labor practices. Employment contracts for our employees are established and signed in accordance with local regulations, granting employees the freedom to terminate their employment contracts at will. Additionally, VSO does not engage in practices such as withholding deposits or retaining identity documents. Since its inception, VSO has never been involved in any instances of forced labor.

Living Wages

VSO's compensation and benefits strictly comply with local legal regulations, consistently exceeding minimum wage standards. We conduct regular assessments to align our offerings with the prevailing cost of living in various regions. Our commitment ensures that employee salaries not only meet legal requirements and the local minimum subsistence wage but also maintain a competitive edge within the industry across diverse geographical areas.

Employee Communication

VSO highly values employees' freedom to express their opinions. In our commitment to nurturing a harmonious relationship between the company and its workforce, we've implemented a variety of communication channels, including grievance mechanisms, hotlines, email, and suggestion boxes. Additionally, we conduct regular meetings to listen carefully to employees’ concerns and feedback, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their needs and expectations regarding the work and the environment. Our employee complaint mechanisms maintain strict confidentiality, enabling employees to raise issues, meanwhile offering suggestions and requests without apprehensions about their privacy being compromised.

Recognizing that employees are our most valuable assets, VSO is dedicated to respecting and valuing their input. We will continue to enhance our communication platforms, fostering seamless interaction between the company and employees. Moreover, we encourage employees to provide constructive feedback, injecting positivity and growth into the organization. This commitment not only safeguards every employee's legitimate rights but also aligns with our goal of mutual growth and shared success.