VSO 2024’Q1 Staff & Social Responsibility Event has come to a successful close!

The social service plan has been kicked off with the VSO walking event of the first quarter. Every ten thousand steps walked accumulates $10 in charitable sponsorship. The teams were encouraged to walk for health and carbon reduction, as well as combine ESG principles to contribute to charity together! Our colleagues spared no effort, striving for excellence. Within two weeks, we have accumulated ten thousand dollars in charitable sponsorship, supporting the Yilan Cycling Team!

After the event, the enthusiasm continued into our daily lives. Some have already developed a habit of walking/power walking during their free time every day, feeling uncomfortable if they don't. 

We appreciate every participant's hard work and support, injecting such positive energy into our daily lives and society. We look forward to the start of the Q2 event, continuing to bring more positive impacts to our company and society!