Yilan Cycling Team Handover Ceremony of Old and New Team Vehicles


VSO Electronics Co., Ltd. is very honored to have this opportunity to sponsor a new team vehicle for Yilan Cycling Sports Association and Yilan Cycling Team. 

On March 8, 2024, the General Manager of VSO, Executive Director of Yilan Cycling Association, Coach Huang and his wife, representative cycling players, and the represents of Guppy Inclusive gathered at Yilan HONDA Automobile Exhibition Center to witness the handover ceremony of the new and old team vehicles. 

In the handover ceremony that symbolizes inheritance and hope, Chen Ziyin, captain of the Yilan Cycling Team, took over the key to the new team vehicle from VSO's GM Star Ling. Coach Huang and the players then started the car and installed the bicycle carrying rack on the roof of the car, symbolizing the official launch of the new team vehicle. Afterwards, everyone also paid a final tribute to the old team vehicle "Big Black" and sincerely thanked the car for its loyal and reliable companionship over the years, carrying the team through countless events and expeditions to all corners of Taiwan. It also represents the official end of the mission of the old team car. 

VSO sincerely hopes that this new team vehicle can become a solid backing for the Yilan Cycling team, provide the best backup supply in every future event and training, and serve as a timely rest place so that the team will have no worries. We also look forward to these cyclists continuing to strive for better results for themselves, the team, and the country!

|Kamalan News Net:  Yilan Cycling Team the handover ceremony of the new vehicle. 

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Coach of YCCAA Cycling Team: Mr. Huang Chang-Tung 
(A- level coach and the former coach of the 2013 Chengdu Asian Championship national team)