2022 VSO Electronics Co., Ltd. - Corporate Image Video

VSO possesses nearly 30 years of experience in wire harness and cable assembly business. From 2022, VSO is targeting six major industries - iSMART, which are industrial, server & storage, medical, automotive, renewable energy, and telecom. VSO’s goal is to satisfy customers through the best products with the most efficient service.

VSO’s Core Competence:
  • High production efficiency, quality, and flexibility
  • Professional engineering and sales team
  • Global manufacturing arrangement
  • Raw cable manufacturing capacity and expertise
  • iSMART – flexible sales strategy conforming to the market trend
  • Diversify product categories with sustained R&D input

The company aspires to be an outstanding, centuries-old enterprise honored with international influence by reaching the highest excellence in technologies to connect a better quality of life for human beings.