Stakeholders Engagement

VSO follows the five major principles of stakeholder engagement standards (dependence, responsibility, attention, influence, diverse perspectives) to identify stakeholders and gather/review the key issues that are concerned. These stakeholders include government/regulatory authorities, shareholders/investors, employees, customers, and suppliers. To ensure the implementation and achievement of significant issues, VSO periodically conducts discussions on economic, social, and environmental issues, assesses the progress of various departments toward their goals, formulates future directions, and consolidates relevant outcome data.

Stakeholders Importance to VSO Communication Channel
and Frequency
Related Issues 2022 Achievements of communication
Government/Regulatory We strictly adhere to government laws and regulations. Cooperate with national policies to plan our corporate sustainability strategies with foresight.
  • Disclosure and Reporting on the Public Information Observation System (Real-time).
  • Periodic participation in policy discussion meetings and seminars organized by regulatory authorities.
  • Maintaining a positive and interactive relationship with regulatory authorities.
  • Legal Compliance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Customer Protection and Communication
  • Regulatory Authority Communication
  • Occupational Health and Safety
Disclosed and reported information in accordance with legal regulations. Although we have received improvement requests from regulatory authorities, we have addressed these issues and reported back. Closely monitor developments in labor and securities regulations and laws.
Shareholders/Investors Capital investment is the trust and support of shareholders/investors for VSO, enabling us to continue innovating and progressing in business sustainability operations.
  • Regular Shareholder Meetings.
  • Irregular Corporate Briefing Sessions.
  • Announcements on the Public Information Observation System or Company Website.

Investor Relations Contact:
  • Corporate Governance
  • Operation Performance
  • Sustainable Business Policy
  • Risk Management
Held a total of 2 corporate briefings, 9 board meetings, 1 annual shareholders' meeting, and 2 occasional shareholders' meetings.
Employees Employees are the most important assets and the top stakeholders of VSO.
We are committed to creating a people-centric work environment that respects and values our employees.
  • Convening Employee Welfare Committee Meetings (Quarterly).
  • Organizing Labor-Management Meetings (Quarterly).
  • New Employee Education and Training (Irregular).
  • Internal Grievance Mechanism (Immediate).

Management Center/Ms. Chien
  • Employee Benefits
  • Employee Assessment System
  • Labor Relations
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Talent Development
Quarterly convened the Employee Welfare Committee, discussing and providing various discounts from external partner companies, holiday gifts, and other employee benefits.
Customers Customer satisfaction with our products and services is the key to our sustainable operation.
  • Using email or instant messaging software.
  • Maintaining contact (real-time and regular).
  • Periodically visiting key customers for review and soliciting improvement suggestions (Irregularly).

Dept. of Sales/ Mr. Chien
  • Product Quality
  • Product Pricing
  • Delivery Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Market Trends Analysis
  • Weekly visits to local customers to understand their needs and product details.
  • Regular participation in annual meetings organized by customers to review and solicit improvement suggestions.
  • Receiving excellent quality awards from customers.
Suppliers Suppliers are one of VSO’s operational partners. We value long-term partnerships, prioritize transparent communication, collaborate closely, trust each other, and work together to achieve sustainable mutual growth.
  • Supplier assessment and visits (Annually).
  • Supplier guidance (Irregularly).
  • Meetings and communication (Irregularly).

Dept. of Purchasing/Ms. Shen
  • Quality, Price, and Delivery
  • Environmental Protection
  • Supplier Management
Incorporate the Hazardous Substance Management Specification (VSO-QS-49) into contracts with suppliers and conduct annual supplier performance evaluations.